What Can I Expect on a Sunday?

Worship starts at 11:00am. Most people try to wear their “Sunday best,” but there’s no dress code — come as you are. A nursery is provided for infants to three-year-olds, and Children’s Church is available (ages four to seven). Several small groups for adults and children meet on Sunday mornings starting at 10:00am.


The service features patterns and practices that Christians have developed for thousands of years. But it also engages emerging culture, and immerses people in the Gospel in creative ways. We focus on both the ancient and the future in the music, the messages, and the elements of the service.


Pisgah is liturgical which means worship involves the people. On any given Sunday, the congregation is invited to respond to God. We may speak and sing aloud, observe silence, come to the altar, meditate, confess, take vows and more.


Holy Communion and Baptism are our two sacraments (sacred things). Communion is a taste of bread and juice to remember that Jesus’ body and blood redeem us. Baptism is initiation into the Christian community. We baptize infants, trusting that God’s grace reaches us even before we’re conscious of it. We also baptize or confirm those who are ready to declare their faith for themselves, usually with a sprinkle of water (full immersion is also possible).

It’s always a big day at Pisgah when someone prepares to join the church, to be baptized, or to baptize a child. For more information, or to schedule the special occasion, please contact us.